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Harry Potter Ravenclaw House Editions Paperback Box Set: J.K. Rowling - Paperback Box Set

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The finale was superb, the contradiction between Snape (such a special character...) and Dumbledor, made the reader think a lot about good and evil. I know that many readers wanted a death, so that the story could appear more convincing, but i think that would be too "easy". Personally, i felt rather strange about Dumbledor. I was in the generation who looked forward every HP books & movies to come. & in the gaps, I re-read them. XD

I know I am no writer that could convince everyone of how amazing the harry potter books are, in the end it still is up to the reader. But let me tell you this, give it a chance, and I promise you it'll give more than what you're expecting. By the end of those 7 books, I didn't feel like I've finished another story, it felt like a chapter of my life has also ended and that I had to say goodbye to a new-found special friend. I've experienced a whole lot more than a "book and movie hangover". I literally cried after reading the last book and watching the final movie. Yes, I was that kind of shattered. So thank goodness JK Rowling's left us with words that I hold dear in my heart and I know I would remember whenever I miss Harry Potter... It's time for a disclaimer. It's 2020, and many Harry Potter fans are disappointed with Ms. Rowling, so much so that they're starting to resent the books themselves.

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Rowling prose is agile, fluent, easy to read yet beautiful and detailed enough. I've never read any other author who can balance both aspects so well without finishing with a bunch of flat characters and a too foreseeable plot. The history becomes darker and more dramatic with each book. Harry Potter would have not appealed to me so much to if there were seven Philosopher's Stone-like books. The characters matured, changed; the readers also did. It's the Harry Potter generation: kids who grew up with him.

I love that we went to all the places as the story going on, not just being introduced to us by naming them. the plot was so perfectly weaved that we had a reason to experience being there; we went to Forbidden Forest (many times!), the Chamber of Secrets, the world cup, the Ministry of Magic, the St. Mungo's, even the department of mysteries. (also Harry had a logical reason to be around when there was a important conversation was going on, by his curiosity, by the help of his invisibility cloak, by nightmares (we even experienced the night of Jily's death & I cry like hell every time I read it) or because he was in the right place at the right time) that's the perfect & practical way to give hints of explanations other than just someone telling the story to the characters, that the main characters are actually involved.The books are fairly well written and humorous. While I think sometimes Rowling tries too hard, her writing isn't bad by any measure. I could not endorse a series with cheesy, slow, over-the-top, sordid, grammatically incorrect, wordy, choppy, incoherent, nonsensical, or any other writing style that distracted from the story. just as how Not-Ordinary Harry was, I am an extraordinary fan too; the book many people didn't like is my top favourite & the one which is everyone's favourite is my least favourite.

they were not just characters for me, I lived with them & they made my childhood, they made my personality. they helped me dealing with life difficulties. when I was younger, I asked myself what would Harry do in this situation? (& at that times, Harry Potter sage wasn't even complete) Harry was always there, one of my imaginary friends who helped me a lot. Harry receives an invitation to a school of magic, a world of wonder, and to quote Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonker, “a world of pure imagination.” Despite his rough upbringing, nasty experience with several bullies, his awful tutelage in potions class, and living in constant fear of an evil sorcerer who wishes to murder Harry and all his friends, he actually has a brilliant time at Hogwarts. He makes wonderful friends and learns much about life along the way. By the end he understands the power of love, the true meaning of sacrifice, and the follies of judging someone on face value. All created by Rowling, all aspects of a realistic world, of life. even the Queen invented a wizarding Sport & its worldcup! & even stories & toys for their children. I can go on forever... Maybe I am not fair with my rating on the second book, since the story is quite awesome indeed. I have to admit that my main reason of taking away a star is something involved with Ron Weasley, I can't detail to avoid a spoiler, but I can say that well, I am not much fan of Ron, sorry, what can I say? So, since he got a prominent role at some point here, well, I miss the one that isn't there at that moment. All I know is that these books came into my life and lit up my soul in a way that I never knew was possible. Years and years later, I still re-read them and sink into that world and I just feel so alive. Hogwarts is my childhood, it is my shelter, it is my home... and it is so much more.Chapters name were chosen Fantastic! (I love the novels with names for their chapters) they were brilliant, funny & sometimes magical. They made you curious what would happen in the chapter & after you read chapter, you see why the chapter name was that but before, it doesn't give it away! also HP was the only series which I didn't forget the chapters name. & I can guess which chapter is in which book. (or tell them by the events happening) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Harry Potter skips off to wizard school, and millions of children read about this and are cruelly made aware of the soul-crushing mediocrity of the lameass real world they are forced to inhabit. Pero no sólo fue el comienzo de esta aventura que me seguirá hasta el fin de mis días (o eso espero y aspiro), sino que también fue el primer conjunto de libros que he leído una vez cada año como si así cumpliera un «juramento inquebrantable» a la autora de este libro, que, de hecho, tiene mi propio nombre. Easily the strongest book of the whole bunch. Not only it has a truly well crafted mystery but also, you will amaze to realize how a lot of elements presented in the previous books are explained the reason of existing here in this novel and all is turning around of a character. Also, if you're still not convinced of how much of a hopeless groupie I am, one time I got really drunk on red wine and I ended up sobbing (LEGIT sobbing) because I actually ached from not being at Hogwarts.

Seguro que a muchos no les pasará desapercibido que Joan es nombre de mujer en EEUU y su versión británica es Joanne. No, no soy mujer. Y aunque podrían haberme llamado John o Juan, mi nombre es lo de menos. Pero sí, retomo lo dicho: mi lectura anual de esta historia es casi una promesa de amor ―que llevo al menos tres años sin cumplir, pues la última re-lectura fue en el 2011―. huge fantastic world, full detailed, we have a wizarding communitiy, magical school & lessons, ministry & even a popular magical sport! worldwide magical society in secrecy, under muggle's nose! XDNada podría decir sobre Potter que no haya dicho cualquier otra persona en una multitud de lenguas. Pero puedo expresar lo principal... Another reason for the phenomenon was its broad appeal--kids, teens, adults, fantasy-lovers and non fantasy-lovers. In contrast, the Wheel of Time series is also excellent and a long, momentum-building series, but its appeal is significantly narrower.

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